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Gentleman Gerry: A Contender in the Ring, a Champion in Recovery

Gerry’s bio is available through Amazon.com, Rowman.com (see special discount offer below), BN.com, Booksamillion.com, and Bound.com


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FighterWriter (and the photographer)

Boxing legend Gerry Cooney (far right) emerged as the world’s number one contender for sports’ greatest prize, the heavyweight championship of the world. Gerry fought all-time great champion Larry Holmes in one of the most highly anticipated and memorable championship fights in history. Gerry currently co-hosts “At the Fights” on SiriusXM radio with Randy “The Commissioner” Gordon.

John Grady (far left) is a licensed professional counselor, licensed alcohol and drug counselor, and a dually certified supervisor in the mental health and addictions fields. John is also completing a PhD in Organizational Leadership. John is a lifelong boxing fan who utilizes evidenced based treatments to help those enduring mental health and addictions challenges, as well as executives, athletes, leaders, and organizations who wish to improve performance.  

Joe DiMaggio (center) is a legendary photographer whose work can be found in Sports Illustrated, TIME Magazine, HBO, etc. Joe provided all the photographs for Gerry’s biography. Joe’s book “Fill the Frame: Recalling my Adventures from the Golden Age to the Digital Age of Photograph” can be found on convenient locations such as Amazon.com and his website (http://joedimaggiophoto.com).

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